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VMware’s security trio provides unrivaled protection

May 22, 2020

VMware’s security trio provides unrivaled protection
The importance of security and protecting your customers’ data cannot be overstated. With ransomware on the rise, an ever-increasing number of breaches occurring and low confidence that traditional antivirus is adequate protection, we need next-generation malware protection today. Recognizing this need, VMware acquired Carbon Black in late 2019. Combined with VMware’s AppDefense and NSX, you have a trio of products that create a robust security solution for a variety of threats.

Carbon Black’s unique approach to endpoint security
With the acquisition of Carbon Black, VMware gained a unique security solution for endpoints. Unlike many other security solutions that only provide antivirus protection, Carbon Black also includes detection and response, cloud workload protection, vulnerability management, and audit and remediation tools. This broadens the scope and usefulness of endpoint security to go beyond simple prevention and include prediction, detection and response.

These powerful features are made possible by continuously capturing event data on the endpoint, analyzing it and making immediate determinations concerning security. Carbon Black’s intelligence is continually increasing by analyzing data not only from your endpoints, but millions of others under Carbon Black protection (including one-third of Fortune 100 companies). In fact, Carbon Black collects and analyzes data from more than one trillion security events every day. This allows the software to identify patterns in behavior and better protect all users from new attack vectors and emerging threats.

Carbon Black is available as a direct plug-in for VMware Workspace ONE.

VMware AppDefense protects server-based VMs
While Carbon Black is protecting endpoints, AppDefense is securing server-based virtual machines. With AppDefense, VMware thought, with so many possible threats that have to be blocked, why not trust the known good state of your VM workloads? Under this methodology, AppDefense creates rules based on what the perfect state of a VM looks like and only acts when something happens that’s contrary to this norm.

For example, AppDefense will know which ports are open on the “good” state of a VM. In the event new ports open, AppDefense can notify the security team or automatically spring into action to protect the VM. With the added power of NSX, AppDefense can even push potential intruders into an isolated virtual network where their behavior can be studied.

VMware NSX completes the security trinity
Programming switches and vLANs to segment apps and networks can be overly complicated. NSX is a virtual networking and security solution suite that allows you to easily virtualize networks so you can establish controls and increase security. With microsegmentation rules, it’s easy to create policies that automatically place servers into specific segments based on how they’re tagged when set up. The result is users can be held to their own server while others can be kept out.

Today’s cybercriminals are organized and well-trained. Their threat to your customers is real and serious. With this trio of security solutions, VMware offers the endpoint and server protection you need. For more information, please contact the appropriate VMware market development executive for your territory: