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VMware Workspace Security and Carbon Black

August 25, 2020

VMware Workspace Security and Carbon Black
Today’s expanding organizational and work parameters provide even greater opportunities for cybercriminals. According to the world’s leading incident response professionals, increasingly sophisticated attacks involving instances of “island hopping,” counter incident response and lateral movement within a network are quickly becoming the new normal. Advanced phishing techniques using social engineering and programming expertise, bots and ransomware threats also more frequently expose organizations, even those working hard to stay one step ahead.
VMware Workspace Security provides the most advanced endpoint security, combined with integrated insights and app analytics. This solution integration leverages the deep endpoint telemetry and alerts of suspicious or malicious behavior from Carbon Black and correlates that data with Workspace ONE’s other native and third-party data sources. By working hand in hand, Workspace Security provides unified visibility, rich visualization, and custom reports that offer a single view into your digital workspace and gain deep insights that enable data-driven decisions across your environment.


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