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VMware has the remote work solutions your customers need

April 21, 2020

VMware has the remote work solutions your customers need
The idea of helping employees be productive from anywhere outside the office is attractive to many organizations, especially today. With the recent spike in interest and adoption, it’s safe to say that work as most know it will never be the same.

However, organizations mustn’t rush to implement remote work solutions without considerations for security, performance and management. Luckily, VMware has been a pioneer of remote work solutions and today offers a couple products that can deliver a secure experience for remote workers and the IT departments that manage them.

Virtual desktops via VMware Horizon
VMware Horizon 7 was built to simplify the delivery and management of virtual desktops and apps on-premises, in the cloud, or via a hybrid configuration through a single platform. The solution helps IT departments control, manage and protect Windows and Linux resources with the speed and efficiency that end users demand.

Additionally, according to VMware, Horizon 7 is tightly integrated with the company’s software-defined data center, which includes vSphere, vSAN and NSX. This integration provides a seamless turnkey solution on-premise and in the public cloud, eliminating the need to build, test and support disparate storage, virtualization and networking products.

Device management via Workspace ONE
IT departments no longer have to worry about making business applications both easy to access and secure with Workspace ONE. This solution allows organizations to simply and securely deliver and manage any app on any device to virtual desktops, giving IT departments the best of both worlds, while also meeting the needs of end users.

In addition to app and device management through a single cloud-based console, Workspace ONE also includes content management. For example, if an organization hands out leads to its remote sales team every Monday morning, Workspace ONE can be used to securely distribute the leads. Through the management console, it’s possible to view read receipts and dictate where and when the content opens, ensuring the apps and content are secure on whatever device the user accesses the leads.

Don’t settle for weak security
Some remote work solutions allow users to access their workspaces with a simple username and password. VMware Workspace ONE goes much further to ensure employees, apps, endpoints, content, and networks are secure. The solution can leverage a variety of strong authentication methods that determine where, when and how IT assets are accessed.

While VMware has always baked strong security into its products, the Q4 2019 acquisition of cloud security company Carbon Black brings new intrinsic security capabilities. With this addition, VMware has added enhanced malware detection and response that takes security of the device and desktop to the next level.

With Horizon 7, Workspace ONE and Carbon Black security layered over it all, it’s never been easier to set up an entire company for remote work with little effort. Even better, the finished solution is one that employees can easily use, is secure and simple to manage.

To learn how to bring remote work solutions to your customers, please contact the appropriate VMware Market Development Executive for your territory: