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The total economic impact of VMware Carbon Black Cloud

February 24, 2021

The total economic impact of VMware Carbon Black Cloud
Are antiquated security tools holding your customers back from efficiently supporting their company's operational goals? Judging from a recent Forrester study, that's most likely the case as those tasked with IT security report having to navigate overly complicated and siloed tools that struggle to keep pace with the latest attacks. To add insult to injury, many of today's tools cannot also provide detail and context during investigations into attacks' origins.
The Forrester study further reveals companies that replace traditional endpoint security with VMware Carbon Black Cloud have a better security posture, save money and time. Benefits from deploying our cloud-native endpoint protection platform included:


  • Faster investigations and remediations
  • Less frequent reimaging
  • Cost savings from simplified operations
  • Decreased risk of a data breach
Download the study to learn how switching to the VMware Carbon Black Cloud can benefit your organization and lead to a 379% return on investment over 3 years.


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