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Secure Your vSphere Workloads

October 26, 2020

Secure Your vSphere Workloads
Helping customers more effectively secure their virtual workloads is critical in today’s environment. To assist you in building an effective security strategy, VMware is offering a free trial of Carbon Black Cloud Workload Essentials to current vSphere customers through April 2021.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload delivers agentless protection for vSphere workloads that is easy to operationalize while reducing the attack surface and strengthening data center security posture. This cloud-native solution provides foundational workload inventory, hardening, and vulnerability management capabilities to protect workloads running in virtualized environments.
This solution helps teams protect their workloads by:
  • Integrating natively with vSphere to simplify operations with a more unified solution
  • Prioritizing vulnerabilities with risk scores based on real-life exploits
  • Providing the necessary lifecycle context
  • Enabling agentless protection to build security into your core infrastructure intrinsically


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