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Managing renewals just got easier

November 26, 2018

Managing renewals just got easier

VMware and Ingram Micro have made renewals easier than ever. This year, Ingram Micro launched a new renewals management tool, RenewVue, which streamlines the renewals process for resellers. RenewVue, paired with the Ingram Micro VMware renewals services team, simplifies the renewals process while also providing the personalized support you expect from your VMware Ingram Micro team.

RenewVue streamlines renewals

RenewVue simplifies your renewals management by offering you a proactive view of your renewals pipeline across more than 70 vendors on a single platform. With multifaceted reporting features and built-in notifications, RenewVue keeps you informed and alerts you of upcoming renewals opportunities. All the data you need for renewals management is now on one platform giving you a simple, comprehensive tool that keeps you and your customers satisfied.

Get personalized support

 The VMware Ingram Micro team not only has a new renewals management tool, but we also offer the personalized support you need to keep your business thriving. Our VMware renewals services team offers a dedicated VMware renewals representative who can help you navigate the complexities of managing VMware renewals. When it comes to VMware renewals, there should be no question unasked and no stone unturned. Our dedicated team of tried-and-true VMware professionals are available to guide you through the process.

Get started today

 Start simplifying your renewals management process today. RenewVue is available now and is easy to set up through your Ingram Micro Online account.

  • When you click My Account, RenewVue will appear on the toolbar on the left-hand side.
  • From there, you can add RenewVue as a Quick Link, which pins RenewVue to your account toolbar.
  • You also have several customizable tools that manage renewals opportunities you see, at what frequency you see them, email preferences and more.

Email our RenewVue team today to get started; we can schedule a demo and even walk you through updating your online preferences to ensure your renewals process works for your business.

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