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Know the good and stop chasing the bad with vSphere Platinum

January 30, 2019

Know the good and stop chasing the bad with vSphere Platinum
VMware vSphere platinum takes a new approach to ensuring the security of virtual machines and cloud environments. By establishing what the intended usage or “known good state” of a virtual machine, vSphere Platinum works to maintain that state through a cloud-based machine learning algorithm instead of chasing the evolving “bad” threat landscape. This approach brings to light new ways to shrink the attack surface, integrate tools that safeguard applications and leverage response and security measures already built into the network.
Trust the good with VMware AppDefense
With VMware AppDefense, which is included with vSphere Platinum, security administrators can breathe a little easier. AppDefense protects applications that run on vSphere, giving security teams a second set of eyes to monitor application security in virtual machines and cloud environments. This enhanced defense not only identifies anomalies (at a machine-learning level), but also establishes the intended state of an application.
Unlike anti-virus software, which blocks known threats, AppDefense identifies what “good” looks like and provides responses to unauthorized changes outside of that “good” state. With innumerable threats emerging daily, this proactive security posture makes security teams better suited to respond to the evolving digital landscape.

Better visibility starts with the vCenter Server plugin
vSphere Platinum also includes an exclusive vCenter Server plugin. This plugin provides a dashboard that displays data focused around hosts and virtual machines. By homing in on data that is relevant to vSphere Administrators, the vCenter plugin dashboard makes it easier for vSphere administrators to monitor threats.
Furthermore, it gives them the data they need to communicate and collaborate with the security team. With VMware AppDefense and the vCenter Server plugin, vSphere Platinum gives the right people the right information making collaboration, response, and security simple and efficient. 

Comprehensive remediation with NSX
VMware AppDefense also works seamlessly with VMware NSX, VMware’s network virtualization platform. When AppDefense and NSX are coupled, NSX helps build an incident response routine to automatically isolate the compromised virtual machine and its network it was associated to. This is one way that AppDefense can communicate and leverage other tools within the pre-existing software defined infrastructure. With NSX, security teams can quarantine a machine, block a network connection or integrate a third-party service.
By leveraging these tools VMware creates a system that can tell security teams what should be running, how it should be running and then facilitate a response mechanism when the machine isn’t working properly. This approach toward establishing good rather than chasing bad also reveals new ways to shrink the attack surface and create a comprehensive security model for virtual and cloud environments.
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