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Improve software development agility with VMware Tanzu

December 11, 2020

Improve software development agility with VMware Tanzu
If you haven't taken a look at how VMware's Kubernetes and containerization solutions can help software developers, you could be missing a significant opportunity. VMware Tanzu is a suite of solutions that allow organizations to build, run and manage Kubernetes-controlled container-based applications.

Containers carry a few key benefits to development:


  1. They make it easy to move to the cloud
  2. They utilize microservices
  3. They make it easy to reuse code
  4. They reduce environmental variables
  5. They make it easier to secure applications
VMware Tanzu expands on these benefits to increase appeal:


  1. Developers no longer have to research and purchase dedicated compute and storage for their applications. Organizations already using VMware solutions can quickly and easily make the leap to Tanzu while taking advantage of their existing investment. Adding Tanzu is a modest investment; in fact, Tanzu Basic requires only vSphere to run and costs less than $1,000 per processor per year.
  2. Using Tanzu inherently improves many organizations' security posture and the applications they've developed thanks to the continual investments VMware makes in security.
  3. Tanzu is cloud-neutral, allowing organizations to run applications where they want and scale them across infrastructure targets. Whatever the chosen architecture, the operational experience is reliable and consistent.
  4. VMware has open-source expertise, embedding mature open-source software (OSS). In fact, VMware contributes to OSS projects such as Spring, VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ, Kubernetes, Cluster API, Velero, Cloud Foundry and more.
Tanzu is loaded with tools and products that help to eliminate manual steps and automate workflows. For example, Tanzu makes is easy to:


  • Deploy and run Spring Boot apps.
  • Accelerate microservice adoption with proven patterns for Java and .NET.
  • Get instant access to development environments via self-service.
  • Extend apps with scores of backing services powered by popular open-source projects.
  • Inherit robust security controls from the platform and focus on coding.
Actual average results from Tanzu customers speak for themselves:


  • 82% increase in production
  • 37% increase in developer productivity
  • 78% increase in operational efficiency
  • 93% increase in scaling the platform
  • 92% less time to patch operating systems


The bottom line is that Tanzu helps development teams take on more complex challenges; adopt agile, cloud-native development methods and tools; and upgrade legacy systems to new cloud-native runtimes. With results that can significantly impact productivity, agility and outcomes, Tanzu is an affordable solution you and your customers shouldn't overlook.

To learn more about how VMware Tanzu can help your customers gain new levels of agility, contact the appropriate VMware market development executive for your territory: