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How VMware partner competencies deliver greater margins

June 27, 2019

How VMware partner competencies deliver greater margins
If you’re like most solution providers, you’re always interested in finding new ways to increase your margins. Of course, there are only so many ways you can do so, and many have potentially negative implications.

For example, you can charge more for your services at the risk of missing out on new business or losing customers. You can reduce your expenses, but that’s often at the sacrifice of customer service.

Therefore, when an opportunity to increase profitability comes around, and there’s no significant negative impact, you must take note. Such an opportunity does exist, and you might be closer than you think to taking advantage.

Earlier this year at its annual Partner Leadership Summit, VMware announced its new revamped partner program, VMware Partner Connect, which has several enhancements for partners, including a new rewards program.

VMware’s rewards program is centered on competencies, or trainings and certifications for its specific products. Apart from the obvious benefits of being able to differentiate your company and staff and have better trained employees, the program compensates certified companies with monetary rewards. If you were familiar with the program in the past, you might recall that VMware partners could earn a flat 5% reward for products sold.

VMware rewards go straight to your bottom line
The new program is more lucrative because VMware now rewards partners who invest in and support the company and its products. Here’s a quick breakdown of the program:
  • 2% reward for new business sales of products such as desktop as a service, desktop virtualization, server virtualization and mobility management
  • Additional 2% reward for Premier partners
  • Additional 2% reward if you’re an MSC (Master Services Competency)
  • Additional 4% reward for sales of advanced technologies and suites (e.g., network virtualization, hyperconverged infrastructure, management automation, etc.)
A combined reward of 10% is already probably appealing, but there’s an additional bonus on VMware Cloud on AWS SPP/HPP sales that can earn a combined 15% reward. VMware has announced additional program bonuses will follow in the future.

Save money on training and start earning rewards
If you’re interested in having this program work for you, we encourage you to contact your Ingram Micro representative. The exam is free, but the training does carry a fee.

While you can go directly to VMware for the training, Ingram Micro resellers can get a 25% discount on the training. Ingram Micro community members (e.g., SMB Alliance and Trust X) can get an additional 10% off.

Most trainings take one week and are done online with a live certified instructor. If you’ve already earned VMware competencies, you can register for the program at the VMware partner rewards portal.
For assistance in turning VMware competencies into increased margins, please contact the appropriate VMware market development executive for your territory: