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How Carbon Black provides faster and more effective endpoint security

August 25, 2020

How Carbon Black provides faster and more effective endpoint security
Legacy approaches to malware leave organizations exposed. Cybercriminals regularly update tactics and obscure their actions within standard tools and processes. You need an endpoint platform that helps you spot the minor fluctuations that hide malicious attacks and adapt prevention in response.
Carbon Black offers an endpoint security suite purpose-built to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for better protection or deep threat hunting capabilities.


  • Prevent known and new attacks as they evolve. Carbon Black analyzes attackers’ behavior patterns over time to detect and stop never-seen-before attacks, whether they’re malware-based or fileless.
  • Investigate threats and close gaps in real time. Get the insight you need quickly and easily. Visualize the attack chain, identify the root cause and respond immediately to threats.
  • Augment internal expertise. Gain round-the-clock eyes on glass from our threat experts, who provide validation, context into the root cause and automated monthly executive reporting.
  • Improve IT hygiene and asset management. Easily audit and change system state to track and improve your security posture.
  • Hunt for and remediate threats. Proactively hunt for abnormal activity leveraging cloud-delivered threat intelligence and custom watchlists to automate repetitive hunts.
  • Secure virtual data centers. Achieve superior protection from advanced threats without compromising availability and performance through embedded security in the hypervisor.


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