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GUIDE: VMware Solution Rewards

March 19, 2019

GUIDE: VMware Solution Rewards
Under the Solution Rewards program, partners are eligible to receive a quarterly rebate calculated off the list license value of all eligible product sales that are relevant to their solution area of expertise. Rebate percentages may vary by VMware Competency and Market Segment.
A list of countries included in each VMware market segment can be found on Partner Central and will be included in the price lists issued to distribution. VMware will review and reserves the right to realign the countries included in the VMware Market Segments on an annual basis. However, in the event adjustments are needed mid-cycle, the VMware Market Segments and countries assigned to each are subject to change at the sole discretion of VMware.
There are no special requirements on the Partner to claim Solution Rewards incentives. Once a Partner has agreed to the terms and conditions of the program and supplied complete payment information, VMware will issue their payment at the end of the program period. It is absolutely critical that eligible Partner’s accept the program Terms and Conditions and VMware is provided with the Partner’s complete and correct banking information or address details to send out the rebate payment. VMware is unable to pay out any rebates where there is missing or inaccurate banking and partner details.