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Guide to evaluating next-generation endpoint security

February 24, 2021

Guide to evaluating next-generation endpoint security
Many organizations recognize their current cybersecurity defenses are lacking but don't have the time or expertise necessary to improve. Data from ESG Research reveals that 65% of companies believe their security team's skill level could use improvement, and nearly half are using more than 25 security products concurrently to create their overall security posture. This leads to more overworked people and, ultimately, less effective security.
Finding the best solution that is easy to roll out, easy to manage and cost-effectively protecting your customers is critical. To help teams rapidly assess endpoint security options, the SANS Institute created a detailed guide to evaluating next-generation security solutions. VMware adapted vital sections from the SANS buyer's guide, including the core evaluation checklist, guiding questions to frame your evaluation and 7 steps to conduct your test drive. Check it out now.


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