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Eliminate cyberthreats with VMware Carbon Black

April 29, 2020

Eliminate cyberthreats with VMware Carbon Black

Eliminate cyberthreats and protect enterprise data across the modern digital workspace with VMware Carbon Black.

Today’s expanding organizational and work perimeters provide even greater opportunities for cyber criminals. According to the world’s leading incident response professionals, increasingly sophisticated attacks involving instances of “island hopping,” counter incident response, and lateral movement within a network are quickly becoming the new normal. Advanced phishing techniques using social engineering and programming expertise, bots, and ransomware threats also more frequently expose organizations, even those working hard to stay one step ahead.

With the recent acquisition of Carbon Black, VMware’s security posture has reached new heights. VMware’s Workspace ONE Intelligence can ingest threat data from Carbon Black’s CB Defense as part of the Workspace ONE Trust Network integration. Workspace ONE Intelligence can then enable IT admins to create custom dashboards to get a picture of threats and security incidents across the enterprise. Additionally, admins can set up powerful automations to remediate a security situation based on threat data coming from Trust Network partners such as Carbon Black.

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