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Business Continuity Solutions - Enable Remote Working with VMware

July 24, 2020

Business Continuity Solutions - Enable Remote Working with VMware
Unplanned events and travel restrictions make it nearly impossible to continue “business as usual.” To ensure your business can continue normal operations, you need to enable your employees to work remotely and maintain productivity, increase connectivity and provide continuous, secure access to applications across endpoints. VMware and Ingram Micro are available to help. With VMware’s extensive portfolio of solutions, technology solution providers can: 
  • Deliver digital workspaces on organizational or personal endpoints to access applications across any cloud.
  • Protect all endpoints that are accessing organizational assets. 
  • Accelerate the performance of organizational applications on remote connections. 
  • Provide elastic capacity to scale new users instantly and on-demand, leveraging the cloud of your choice.
To learn more about the remote work trend and how your business can continue to operate even in uncertain times, watch this on-demand webinar.
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