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Becoming Future Ready: Adapt, Respond, Accelerate

October 26, 2020

Becoming Future Ready: Adapt, Respond, Accelerate
“Business as usual” is no longer an option. Thanks to the pandemic, many organizations are being forced to respond, adapt and accelerate their digital transformation timelines. Solution providers have an opportunity to listen to customers, identify needs, consult and share best practices that prepare those customers for the future.

To learn more about digital transformation and how to ready yourself and your customers for the future, check out this brief video. Katie Bavoso, multimedia journalist for The Channel Company and Bill Swales, VP and channel chief of the VMware Americas Partner Organization at VMware, have an informative conversation that addresses what it means to be “future ready” and how VMware can help you create better relationships with partners, adapt to a virtual environment and continue to keep up with the latest certifications to succeed in the market.


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