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5 VMworld 2020 announcements for Ingram Micro partners

October 20, 2020

5 VMworld 2020 announcements for Ingram Micro partners
Just because VMware moved to a virtual format for its VMworld 2020 conference doesn't mean that the company would hold back on providing top-notch speakers, breakout sessions and new product announcements. On the contrary, VMworld was packed with high-quality content. While many of the sessions are available on-demand, we wanted to highlight a few key announcements since they're particularly important for the Ingram Micro partner community.

1. Carbon Black Cloud Workload
As you probably know, it wasn't long after the acquisition of Carbon Black that VMware made the solution available to partners. At VMworld 2020, VMware announced the integration of Carbon Black with vSphere.

Planned for release next month, the new Carbon Black Cloud Workload essentially streamlines the deployment of Carbon Black to improve security in VM workloads. The agentless installation allows you to take inventory of VMs in vCenter, select the ones you want to secure, then deploy Carbon Black Cloud to protect against ransomware and next-generation threats. Additionally, bringing Carbon Black dashboards into vSphere vCenter makes it easier to see the health of endpoints, threats, potential attack vectors and more.

2. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery
VMware announced a new disaster recovery service that leverages the technology acquired from Datrium a few months ago. The new solution can make use of any vSphere-supported storage and is expected to augment Site Recovery Manager. VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery will allow customers to replicate workloads to safe sites, test continuously and autonomously fire up workloads if a disaster occurs.

The new solution sounds exciting since it will help keep costs low by not tapping into AWS until a disaster occurs. VMware is still working out how this solution will be brought to the channel, but general availability is expected in early 2021.

3. vSphere 7 Update 1
While not an earth-shattering announcement, VMware announced vSphere 7 Update 1. The update does provide some enhancements to the integration between vSphere and Tanzu, the company's Kubernetes solution. However, it's also worth mentioning the update is for those solution providers and clients who don't adopt a new release until minor bugs are worked out. Now that Update 1 has been issued, we expect to see more interest in migrating to vSphere 7. To ease upgrade concerns regarding compatibility, leverage the no cost VMware vSphere Assessment Tool (vSAT) or contact the Ingram Micro VMware team.

4. Availability of VMware Tanzu on VMware Cloud on AWS
One of VMware's big announcements at last year's VMworld was the release of Tanzu, a suite of solutions designed to assist in the creation and management of apps on Kubernetes. This year, VMware announced Tanzu support for VMware Cloud on AWS, making it easier to tap into the popular public cloud service. With this announcement, customers can build, manage, protect and run containerized platforms in VMware Cloud on AWS, fusing the best of VMs and containers.

5. NSX Advanced Threat Prevention
Another VMware acquisition is paying dividends with the announcement of NSX Advanced Threat Prevention. By combining Lastline's network detection and response technology with NSX Advanced Load Balancer (by Avi Networks) and service-defined firewall, the new solution provides advanced machine learning-based malware detection and traffic analysis on the network.

For more information on VMware's announcements or solution set, contact the appropriate VMware market development executive for your territory:
• Justin Gawronski—VMware Sr. Solutions Executive East— justin.gawronski@ingrammicro.com
• Dan Eyrick—VMware Solutions Executive Central— daniel.eyrick@ingrammicro.com
• Jeff Acker—VMware Sr. Solutions Specialist West— jeff.acker@ingrammicro.com