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5 critical requirements for the digital workspace

May 28, 2020

5 critical requirements for the digital workspace
As the digital workspace continues to transform entire industries, companies can adapt to new ways of connecting—to employees and information. Now the digital workspace is expanding to include new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), which is emerging as the next best way to secure information, handle growing complex threats and develop powerful new productivity tools.

Despite all of the conversations about digital workspace and obvious benefits, it remains challenging for IT leaders to plan for the changes required to make the digital workspace a reality. Many of the skills, tools and processes used today are based on 20-year-old PC-based technology. A new approach is needed to make a digital workspace strategy successful.

IT leaders need to direct the charge toward a more efficient, user friendly and secure digital environment. Taking the right steps now—examining and incorporating the five requirements discussed in the document linked below—will help to ensure the likelihood that employees will adopt new apps and adhere to new IT policies put in place now and in the future.

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