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4 ways VMware is helping partners succeed

Increase sales with the help of the VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP)

August 19, 2019

4 ways VMware is helping partners succeed

Partnerships only work if both parties are fully invested in the relationship and working toward the common goal of helping one another succeed. To ensure the success of its provider partners, VMware has established its VMware Cloud Provider Program (VCPP). While the VCPP has many benefits to partners, four key areas can have a significant impact on your sales and operations:

  1. Removing financial barriers to entry—Realizing that not every partner has the financial resources to dive into providing VMware services, the VCPP includes a pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow monthly subscription model with a very low minimum for participation. By offering a wide range of VMware-based cloud services on a geographical basis, VMware service provider partners can offer hybrid cloud services that quickly and seamlessly extend the customer’s data center into the cloud using the same VMware products and tools they already use on-premises.
  2. Providing solution enablement—Well-trained and educated partners are going to have more success selling and implementing VMware services than those who aren’t. VMware and Ingram Micro host a series of roadshows and webinars throughout the year. These events aim to provide technical education on various VMware services as well as sales and enablement training.
  3. Enabling recurring revenue—Many solution providers are focused on building recurring revenue as managed services providers. The managed services provider model under VCPP enables partners to leverage service offerings to broaden their technology portfolio and wrap these solutions with unique managed services. Partners currently meeting the minimum in the pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-grow rental model have the flexibility to also take advantage of the managed services provider model with no further investment.
  4. Assisting in go-to-market—To support VCPP partners, VMware includes a variety of benefits that can have a tangible impact on success. For example, you can showcase your expertise and stand apart from your competition by adding the VMware cloud-verified logo, IaaS-powered badge and other VMware-specific logos in your marketing materials.
For more information about VCPP, visit VMware’s Partner Central; contact Kaileen Folino, VMware VCPP market development executive; or contact the Ingram Micro VCPP-dedicated team.