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3 ways Workspace ONE transforms the digital workplace

July 26, 2018

3 ways Workspace ONE transforms the digital workplace

With Workspace ONE organizations can now enable all employees, devices and things across the organization to accelerate their digital transformation. This product solution delivers unified endpoint management (UEM) and a seamless user experience for accessing any app on any device. Below are three ways Workspace ONE is transforming the digital workplace:

Prioritize productivity while ensuring security

This new management framework allows enterprises to keep up with digital trends and prioritize employee productivity while ensuring security. Workspace ONE includes email, calendar, contacts, documents and applications forming an enterprise social environment that employees want to use. Workspace ONE’s secure productivity apps include:

  • VMware Boxer—a faster secure email app that supports your Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Office 365, IMEP and POP3 mail accounts.
  • Workspace ONE Mobile Flows—empower users to easily accomplish tasks and get real-time information from other backend systems without leaving the Boxer application.
  • Integrated calendar with email so you no longer have to move out of the email app when you receive a meeting invitation.
  • Secure Email Gateway—advanced email attachment security that reduces data leakage.
  • VMware Content Locker—a content management app that permits IT to deliver files directly to devices across a range of internal and external storage systems.

Streamline the workplace—from onboarding to apps

With Workspace ONE, IT organizations can streamline their employee onboarding process as well as have a one-stop shop for pushing updates and managing apps. Once employees have been authenticated through the VMware Workspace ONE app, employees will instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalog. Workspace ONE also simplifies application access management by offering single sign-on (SSO) capabilities with its very own Identity Management solution.

Employees can easily download the Workspace ONE app on Windows, iOS or Android, and this will provide employees with a complete enterprise app catalog that can be customized and branded for your company.

Simplify end-user access and support

With Workspace ONE, employees are put in the driver’s seat. They can bring their own devices or use employer-provided devices with the ability for IT to enforce fine-grained, risk-based conditional access policies. Workspace ONE UEM technology also enables desktop administrators to automate app distribution and updates across multiple Operating Systems including Windows and MacOS.

End-user support is made easy with Workspace ONE. By leveraging remote assistance, IT administrators can provide support to any device across their network. Remote view commands also enable IT administrators to request a user to share a device screen.

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