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3 ways to defy the limits of the physical data center with VMware NSX

December 20, 2018

3 ways to defy the limits of the physical data center with VMware NSX
Break free from the physical bounds of traditional data center infrastructure and step outside the box with VMware NSX Data Center. NSX Data Center is the network virtualization platform for the software-defined data center bringing speed and agility to networking while also improving your organization’s security. VMware’s software-defined approach enables IT teams to do more, better, without increasing overhead or vulnerability.
  1. Improve network security with microsegmentation
Imagine your network consists of several neighborhoods. Let’s call them communities. But with VMware they’re not just communities, they’re gated communities. Each one has its own “gatekeeper” that ensures that only those with the proper permissions gain access to the community. Each community carries important information, people and things so security is paramount. Furthermore, each gatekeeper is different, so to enter all the communities you would need the specific permissions for each separate community. This idea is called microsegmentation. By breaking down the network into several different communities with their own access parameters, VMware NSX Data Center ensures that malignant actors wouldn’t be able to move laterally through your network.
  1. Reduce strain with IT automation
NSX also brings your IT team built-in IT automation. What this really means is that you get more bang for your buck. IT automation reduces the strain on your IT team by using standardized templates that speed up provisioning time, enabling IT to keep up with the pace of business. In the past, that could cost you days, weeks and precious business hours, but with NSX, provisioning time is decreased to only a few seconds. IT automation is an efficient way to manage networking and security services across environments and application architectures while also reducing manual tasks that can often lead to errors and more work.
  1. Shorten recovery time and get back to business 
Disaster recovery and avoidance is a worry of the past with application continuity on NSX. NSX allows you to expand your network across sites and applications while also maintaining application security policies. So not only can you access your data center from anywhere, but this software-defined data center is also always poised to bounce back from a disaster. Sure, we don’t expect disaster to hit, but if it does, you’ll be ready. Application continuity allows continuous availability of resources ensuring that VMware backup is ready and waiting when you need it.
Want to learn more about VMware NSX Data Center? Watch this video.