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3 can’t-miss announcements from VMworld US 2019

September 24, 2019

3 can’t-miss announcements from VMworld US 2019
Last month’s VMworld US event held in San Francisco was loaded with great educational content, lots of cutting-edge technologies, and big news announcements from VMware. Ingram Micro’s team was on hand during the keynotes, breakout sessions, and closed-door meetings to help identify and share the most impactful information for solution providers. Here’s a peek into our collective notebook.

#1 Project Pacific
With VMware’s announcement of the acquisition of Pivotal and its Kubernetes-based Pivotal Container Service (PKS), the company is poised to put a significant emphasis on containers. Project Pacific, announced at the show, is an effort to bring together Kubernetes and vSphere to help accelerate the development and deployment of modern apps within containers and virtual machines. Companies will have a single platform that allows existing and modern apps to live alongside one another. Other key benefits include the increased velocity of innovation and rollout; the ability to manage access and resource allocation securely for both containers and VMs at enterprise scale; and improved economics by leveraging existing investments in tools, processes and skillset.

#2 Tanzu
VMware also unveiled Tanzu, a new portfolio of products and services designed to transform the way enterprises build, run and manage software on Kubernetes. Tanzu capabilities include enterprise Kubernetes management; the ability to run Kubernetes containers alongside VMs on existing SDDC infrastructure, with integration into vSphere, NSX and vSAN; and the ability to build a custom Kubernetes footprint across any cloud.

As part of the announcement, VMware released Tanzu Mission Control, a single point of control from which customers can manage Kubernetes clusters regardless of location.

#3 VMware doubles down on hybrid cloud
There were a few announcements related to VMware’s continued efforts to strengthen and streamline hybrid cloud and the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Most notably was the rollout of Project Magna, a software service that collects data, learns from it, and makes decisions concerning infrastructure to improve performance and efficiencies. This “reinforcement learning” happens through trial and error across vSAN clusters and leads to optimization levels and speed humans can’t match. Of course, there are safeguards in place to ensure performance isn’t harmed in any way.

Related, VMware officially launched HCX Enterprise designed to provide additional functionality beyond the HCX Advanced platform embedded in VCPP partner offerings, VMware Cloud on AWS and NSX Enterprise Plus. Some key capabilities for enterprise customers include non-vSphere to vSphere migration, large scale bulk migration and advanced disaster recovery with SRM readiness.
Finally, VMware unveiled new versions of its vRealize suite of products—Automation, Operations, Suite Lifecycle Manager and Log Insight. Enhancements are aimed at helping organizations plan, build, manage, and maintain hybrid clouds.

Driving digital transformation
The above announcements and others made by VMware make it clear that the company is focused on empowering organizations and helping them navigate through their digital transformations. If you’d like more information, download the Ingram Micro Digital Transformation Global Services Catalog or contact the appropriate VMware Market Development Executive for your territory:

Justin Gawronski — VMware MDE East
Dan Eyrick — VMware MDE Central
Guru Padukone — VMware MDE West