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Why the shift to remote work is driving demand for cloud-based data backup and protection

October 28, 2020

Why the shift to remote work is driving demand for cloud-based data backup and protection
This year has seen radical shifts in the way organizations operate. Employees suddenly working from home or remote locations has given them unprecedented flexibility. Most organizations that went this route had few better options, but it left many vulnerable and unprepared. This confluence of events has increased demand to back up and protect cloud-based data like never before.

The number of workers that have increased their usage of SaaS applications or begun using them for the first time has spiked dramatically.

  • 45% more are using next-generation messaging and collaboration tools*
  • 52% more are using online meeting and collaboration platforms*
  • 32% more are participating in online document sharing and collaboration*
  • 30% more are instant messaging*
  • 26% more are using cloud-based office productivity apps*
 Now this is the part where it gets scary for IT professionals and their organizations. Many employees don't understand the data protection ramifications of this worldwide business productivity shift. One out of every three of them believe SaaS-based applications don’t need to be backed up**. It should come as no surprise that one in three organizations cite accidental deletions as a top cause of data loss in SaaS applications**.

Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce have changed the game for IT pros
How does the new work-from-home world operate? By relying heavily on applications like Office 365, G-Suite and Salesforce. These document sharing tools, cloud-based productivity apps and next-gen collaboration tools have become vital, and backing up the data is crucial. The need for clarity around implementing a SaaS data protection solution has become more compelling than ever.
  1. Your customers need a data recovery strategy. This not only means complete, reliable data backups, but also flexibility around restores.
  2. They want to avoid permanent data deletion. An all too realistic example is that many applications only enable items to stay in the recycle bin for a limited number of days before they’re no longer recoverable. Your customers need more control over the data lifecycle.
  3. They require comprehensive, easy-to-use features. A solution isn’t truly scalable until backups, updates and status alerts are automated, and new users can be added with minimal steps required.
Veritas SaaS Backup solves your customers’ backup problems
Veritas SaaS Backup provides comprehensive SaaS data protection from prominent and serious threats to your vital applications. What exactly does this mean for your customers’ organizations?
  • Their data is protected from all threats. Veritas SaaS Backup offers true data backup that creates an independent, accessible external copy of data on a cloud infrastructure separate from production.
  • There’s no need to worry about retention timeframes or storage usage. With unlimited retention and unlimited storage, Veritas SaaS Backup allows your customers to control the data lifecycle and keep backup data according to their retention policies.
  • The organization has the recovery tools it needs for day-to-day operations. Organizational needs range from restoring individual items, folders and mailboxes to user accounts and tenants. With only a few clicks, Veritas SaaS Backup delivers the granularity and control your customers expect.
  • A copy of data is isolated from production. Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to business. Veritas SaaS Backup provides another layer of insurance against ransomware
The responsibility for maintaining infrastructure and software has shifted, but the responsibility for data protection has not. Veritas SaaS Backup helps bridge the gap between organizations and service providers by providing secure and scalable data protection across a wide range of SaaS applications.

What’s your first step?
Veritas is a global leader in data protection and availability, with a reputation for reliability at scale and a deployment model to fit any need. Ingram Micro, together with Veritas, help protect data at every stage, so you can compete for more opportunities and deliver a simple, powerful and flexible data security solution for your customers.
If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Veritas SaaS Backup can help you protect your customers’ data, contact Ingram Micro’s Veritas specialist, Lawrence Chirico.
*According to ESG Research Report: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Remote Work, 2020 IT Spending, and Future Tech Strategies, June 16, 2020
**According to ESG Research, The SaaS Data Protection Disconnect: The Reality of Data Backup and Recovery Responsibility for Cloud Applications, March 2020


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