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The answer for customers who are ready to reduce risks and capitalize on their data

March 02, 2021

The answer for customers who are ready to reduce risks and capitalize on their data
Virtual, physical and multi-cloud environments demand a streamlined, secure and unified solution to protect data. If the unthinkable happens, customers need the peace of mind that comes from knowing critical data everywhere is backed up and ready to be recovered quickly and easily. Veritas Backup Exec protects infrastructure against external threats, which makes it the perfect choice for midmarket and SMB customers.
The benefits of choosing the right backup
From VMs to entire servers, applications, single files and folders, Backup Exec is the one solution for all your customers’ data protection needs.
Simple, yet powerful: When you can solve more problems with less complexity, you have a simple yet powerful solution to improve administrative productivity.
• Flexible: Back up anything to virtually any storage device and restore from nearly anywhere.
• Trusted: Backup Exec is easy to implement, use and manage, whether businesses are upgrading from a previous version or switching from a competitive product. 

Help your customers reduce risks and capitalize on their data
The powerful features of Backup Exec include:


  1. Ease of use: A centralized easy-to-use interface, intelligent dashboards and intuitive wizards that provide the visibility to quickly track and monitor every backup, replication and recovery job
  2. Ransomware protection: Provides the essential service of recovery when ransomware strikes, but also contains technology to defend itself against more intelligent ransomware that targets backup solutions and their data.
  3. Virtualization fluency: The agentless technology minimizes the impact on each virtual host and advanced post-processing techniques allow Backup Exec to deliver fast, agile recovery.
  4. Cloud-capable: Enjoy the freedom of choice when investigating the public cloud as part of a data protection strategy. Backup Exec’s cloud templates make it easy to deploy the solution to protect cloud workloads.
  5. All-in-one efficiency: Backup Exec protects data wherever it resides, from a single physical server to thousands of virtual machines. Your deployment strategy doesn’t impact how Backup Exec protects your customers’ data, whether it’s strictly on-premises or spread across multiple clouds.
Now what?
Veritas Backup Exec is available in the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace. With Backup Exec, data remains secure and available at every stage, it’s protected against external threats, and can be recovered quickly and easily. Together, Ingram Micro and Veritas are ready to help you compete for more opportunities and grow your data protection business.
If you have questions or want to learn more about how Veritas Backup Exec can help your customers protect data, contact Ingram Micro’s Veritas specialist, Lawrence Chirico.


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