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Help keep your customers protected from ransomware

October 07, 2021

Help keep your customers protected from ransomware
Data protection has never been more important than it is in today’s global enterprise world. But NetBackup appliances age, need more upkeep and become more vulnerable to ransomware attacks over time.
Veritas’ new portfolio of ransomware-proof appliances ensure resilience—and greater performance and capacity—for your customers. And the benefits of an appliance refresh extend to you, too.
  • Appliance deals 2.9x larger than software only
  • 68% of appliance customers buy again within 24 months
  • Every appliance drives 2x software sales
Even better, they’re currently offering FREE migration for aging 5230 appliances for a limited time. So, don’t leave your customers behind the times—start with this appliance refresh kit and let Ingram Micro help you offer the #1 data protection solution out there.


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