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A single hub to manage all your data in the cloud

October 29, 2021

A single hub to manage all your data in the cloud
Ransomware is all too real and attackers are relentless in their pursuit of infiltrating corporate networks and IT environments to seize data and hold it hostage.
As if businesses today weren’t already dealing with enough concerns.  
A solution like Veritas NetBackup can help secure infrastructure and reduce risk even when moments of peril arrive in the form of malicious malware.

NetBackup SaaS Protection integrates with leading SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Slack and Box. At a time when SaaS adoption is skyrocketing, Veritas provides organizations with an unparalleled, enterprise-centric SaaS backup and protection solution.

Built within Azure, NetBackup delivers a hosted experience for cloud data management, while still granting enterprises the control, customization and performance they expect. It’s the single hub for secure cloud management and the perfect solution for your customers.                         
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