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Workplace Communication: Which Markets Are the Best To Sell To?

April 10, 2017

Workplace Communication: Which Markets Are the Best To Sell To?

Companies of all sizes and across all vertical markets have the need for some form of unified communication and collaboration (UCC).  The growing mobile workforce is driving the need for workers to communicate despite their location or the device they use, and the increase in use of video communication and collaborative tools have created new ways for people to interact. The worldwide premise-based UCC market is forecast to grow to $20.8 billion in 2016, according to a 2011-2016 Unified Communications Strategies study.  But are there some vertical markets that are better or easier to sell to? And exactly what is a fvertical market? A vertical market is a specific industry, like financial institutions. There are different specialties in financial institutions, from banks to credit unions to brokers and more. You could narrow the field and focus exclusively on financial institutions. But here are other ways to target vertical markets:

  • A vertical market contains a set of customers having the same product needs, meaning that banks, stock brokers, credit unions, savings and loans, insurance companies and investment services all fall into the same vertical as financial institutions. When targeting a vertical, you can focus on marketing to all the businesses serving a common customer base.  

  • Take a look at success stories on the Ingram Micro web site. Use the strategies in those stories to target a specific vertical market in your region. It is so much easier to follow in the footsteps of success instead of starting from scratch.

  • Resellers can determine what types of businesses they have been successful with in the past and use that strategy to become successful with another similar business in the area. For instance, if a VAR has been successful in the education market, seek out more education customers to market UCC products to, since the general issues in the education market have already been identified.

  • Many regions are known as being strong in a particular type of business. For instance, Northern California is known for being strong in winemaking, Detroit is known for its strength in the automotive industry and so on. VARs should know which industries are strong in their region and target them for UCC sales.

  • Ingram Micro has implemented programs to increase UCC sales to financial and retail vertical markets, industries that are in every city. Resellers should contact an Ingram Micro representative for support with this program.

  • Vendors should target companies with many mobile employees to show the benefits of integrating UCC and mobility. Companies with mobile sales people, remote workers and traveling executives are perfect candidates for this capability.

So is there a specific vertical market that buys more UCC and is better for VARs to target? Most industries need some type of UCC to help cut costs, improve productivity and keep ahead of their competition, so the answer is no. Any type of business is a good candidate for UCC and the secret to successfully penetrating a vertical market is to understand the business and speak their language. Find out a company’s issues and pain points and show them the benefit of a UCC solution in addressing these problems. Resellers should immerse themselves in the targeted industry to become the expert companies look to for proven solutions from a vendor who understands their industry.

Is there other industry-specific UCC help required that should be discussed in this forum? Please comment below.