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Why Every Customer Should Move the Business Process of UCC into the Cloud

April 21, 2017

Why Every Customer Should Move the Business Process of UCC into the Cloud

Enterprises have been accepting unified communications and collaboration (UCC) cloud-based technology with increasing frequency as a way to reduce costs and improve efficiency and as a method of accessing advanced capabilities. Companies with limited IT staffs find value in cloud-based UCC services, as do companies with existing multi-vendor solutions and implementations. Service providers with secure, flexible offerings will be successful in this market. Automating business processes like UCC in the cloud provides many benefits to organizations, some of which are listed below:

Sales Process Transformation 

By moving elements of the sales process into the cloud, close rates and win rates can be positively impacted. Sales cycle times can be shortened, and responsiveness to customer needs can be enhanced. Consolidated, cloud-based sales process platforms can improve real-time and historical reporting in order to track sales funnel activities and trends, improve analytics, streamline customer databases for access by all sales staff from anywhere, and integrate calendar applications in order to address customer interaction. In addition, tools can be incorporated in order to route customer inquiries appropriately, identify clients as they reach out to a business, and to track customer activities. Sales process transformation in the cloud can help organizations reduce costs, become more agile, and delight customers.

Streamlined Customer Support 

Clients want to do business with companies that provide outstanding customer service. By integrating multiple technologies and tools into a streamlined, cloud-based support solution, customer service processes can be elevated in order to provide the best possible service. Because it is easier to integrate legacy and back-office support systems with cloud-based support tools, processes can be synchronized. Contact center tools in the cloud can help reduce missed and abandoned call rates, improve first-call resolution, increase customer retention, and improve agent skills and longevity. Advanced contact center capabilities can be added and accessed easily in the cloud, allowing organizations to change support options quickly and effectively.

Elevate Internal Communications 

When moving customer data into the cloud, applications, devices, and workers can be better connected. This results in improved company responsiveness, simplified knowledge transfer, and support for a more effective mobile workforce. Tools for instant messaging and presence can be used in order to expedite internal collaboration, while video conferencing and document sharing can be used in order to improve the quality of meetings and collaboration sessions. Remote workers can access colleagues from anywhere with access to the same tools used on desktops in the office. Companies can often trial UCC applications in the cloud before deciding to roll them out company-wide, and applications can be added as needed, often without the need to wait for the implementation of additional hardware.

Reliability and Disaster Recovery

Keeping UCC up and running the majority of the time can be costly using premises-based equipment. Many cloud-based UCC solutions offer a guaranteed level of service, meaning that downtime will be limited. With cloud services, disaster recovery plans can be established through simple routing administration, as opposed to adding backup hardware to each location. These advanced capabilities can reduce costs significantly, increase security, and keep companies up and running in order to avoid lost sales and service opportunities.

Cloud-based UCC services can help improve business processes by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and providing advanced capabilities. Customers considering the move should work with resellers that can offer solutions to their specific needs, offer trials, and integrate existing tools and processes into their cloud-based offers.

What cloud-based UCC process improvements does your company offer? Please comment below.