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Unified communications and business productivity

Big gains, impressive statistics

September 23, 2019

Unified communications and business productivity

Recent findings make a compelling case for why businesses should embrace UCC technology. The statistics are pretty impressive. Take a look:

  • By combining email, instant messaging, chat and voicemail into a single platform, companies can save 25-50% on the cost of these services.
  • Companies can save up to 50% in network costs by replacing a legacy phone system with a phone system with UCC capabilities.
  • Companies adopting UCC communications reduce travel costs by approximately 25%, experience a 52% increase in productivity and a 45% improvement in business efficiency.
  • This translates in a 25% increase in operating profit.
Given numbers like these, it’s not surprising that in a recent global survey, 55% of global IT executives said their companies plan to implement a unified communications and collaboration strategy. They’re looking to consolidate all of their communication and collaboration services (web, videoconferencing, screen sharing, VoIP and other features) into one platform—within the next two years. Another 24% of the respondents plan to do the same within the next three years. Overall, the total UCC market is expected to reach $20 billion by 2025. It’s one of the fastest growing segments in IT.

Several trends are fueling this explosive growth
  • The growing reliance on mobile and personal devices in the workplace—Companies today are looking to standardize on a suite of collaboration tools that enables efficiency communications between a broad range of devices and addresses the security challenges that BYOD presents.
  • The increase in flexible work policies—Digital native employees, in particular, are demanding more flexible ways of working and, in an effort to attract the best talent, companies are accommodating them and searching for platforms that can address a variety of collaboration needs and technologies.
  • The growth of AT and cognitive technologies—Companies are using AI and machine learning to streamline operations and eliminate mundane tasks—giving employees more time for higher-level tasks that involve brainstorming and group ideation. With offices spread throughout the world, global enterprises in particular need the right technology to facilitate the exchange of ideas.
As companies discover the huge upside in adopting a unified UCC platform, the business opportunities are ripe for you to capitalize on. And Ingram Micro can help. To learn more, talk to one of our experts, Chad Simon.