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UCC maintenance in the cloud: the pros and cons

April 01, 2019

UCC maintenance in the cloud: the pros and cons
Collaboration in the enterprise is becoming a competitive essential, and cloud technology is playing a major role in delivering it. UCaaS (unified communication as a service) allows for centralized management, easy setup, lower operational costs, improved user satisfaction levels and the ability to share information easily with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
As bandwidth and latency issues fade away, more and more UCC maintenance tasks are being moved to the cloud—and for good reason.
  • Cloud-based maintenance management systems (CMMS) can be accessed from anywhere via a web browser or app. IT maintenance personnel don’t have to be onsite to retrieve relevant information or make necessary remedial adjustments—they can do it from anywhere.

  • Maintenance can be planned, scheduled and automated from a web browser. And IT managers can rest assured that processes are traceable—they have the ability to review real-time logs at any time.

  • With cloud-based maintenance applications, there’s no need for time-consuming or costly updates. The cloud provider updates and maintains the server as well as the application software. Reduced upfront costs can make this an extremely attractive option for companies, especially SMBs.
But the cloud management approach may not be right for everyone, due to simple economics. According to a recent TCO study by Nemertes, UCaaS can end up costing organizations more money. While small companies with fewer than 50 employees see a 5% overall savings in the first year and 6% savings afterwards, larger companies end up spending 24% more the first year and 28% after that.

One cause of the increase is that the companies are now paying a monthly subscription for the service, which they weren’t paying before. The study also found that the cloud management approach doesn’t necessarily result in the need for less staffing, since IT personnel are already spread too thin as it is. Streamlining their UCC management tasks just frees them up to perform other IT duties.
Still, for many large enterprises the advantages outweigh any economic downside and UCC maintenance in the cloud is becoming an attractive option for more and more companies.
What about your customers?
There are lots of advantages to cloud-based solutions/maintenance but every business is different. To have a more in-depth discussion on what’s right for your customers, contact Ingram Micro.
Ingram Micro Unified Communications Services can help support your customers’ transition to the latest unified communications solutions—including both cloud and on-premises solutions with experts who can help design and deploy the best solution to fit their immediate and long-term needs.
Ingram Micro preferred provider, Emerge IT, has been offering professional design and integration services of unified communication solutions for more than 10 years. They work with Cisco collaboratively to ensure that the most recent technologies are being represented and incorporated in an effective manner. The top-notch Emerge IT engineering team has experience designing and integrating Cisco unified communications in healthcare, financial, education, manufacturing, legal and commercial marketplaces to both sub-150 end users to over-5,000 end user environments.

To learn more, talk to our UCC expert, Curt Vurpillat.