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UCC is critical for today’s worker

June 18, 2018

UCC is critical for today’s worker

Years before working remote was as prevalent as it is today, there were still jobs that required telecommuting. Some employees worked from home. Some could be in the field. Those early pioneers know that the technology of the time wasn’t accessible, affordable or efficient enough to overcome many of the challenges created by working remotely. Today, it’s a different story. UCC technologies have matured and are now accessible to any business. If you or your customers haven’t looked at UCC technologies lately, now is the time. Things have improved quite a bit between then and now.

For example, meet Julie. Julie works for a global company. Not only does she have to interact with colleagues at her headquarters, but she also must communicate with branch offices in two other countries. Additionally, Julie works from home two days a week. In the past, it would be difficult for colleagues out of the country to know if Julie was in the office or at home. However, today’s presence functionality lets coworkers know where Julie is and when she’s available.

In addition, Julie often holds conference calls with her international colleagues. Occasionally these calls start or spill over into off hours. In the past, Julie would be tied to the location in which she began the conference call. Today, she can start the call in the office, seamlessly transfer the call to her mobile device for the drive home and then seamlessly transfer the call to her home office.

Julie’s coworker Joe is focused on sales and travels quite often between headquarters, various regional offices and customer sites. In the past, Joe would be forced to give everyone multiple telephone numbers (headquarters, regional offices and cell phone). Today’s UCC technology allows Joe to have one main telephone number. Inbound calls can be directed to any device automatically—at Joe’s discretion—regardless of where he’s located.

Because Joe travels so much, he’s not always available for meetings and to weigh in on critical decisions being made back at the office. Additionally, with hundreds of customers, Joe’s email inbox is flooded daily. In the past, interoffice communiqués would get lost among Joe’s other email, reducing his response time and slowing down essential projects. Today, Joe and his team use the chat/messenger functionality of a UCC solution to provide an uncomplicated way for the team to communicate in nearly real time. Messages follow Joe wherever he is, whether at his office desktop computer, remote laptop or a mobile phone. Also, features such as searchable chat rooms by department, project make messaging even more useful.

Finally, because Julie and Joe travel so much, providing desktop units and headsets for each location would be costly. Today, however, cloud-based solutions keep costs low, and Bluetooth headsets that work for both mobile phones and desk phones eliminate the need to have more than one headset.

Julie and Joe are just two examples of today’s modern worker who need to be always connected, in all places. If you’re interested in capitalizing on this trend and solving the unique needs of your customers’ workers, contact Ingram Micro’s UCC experts, Curt Vurpillat or Chad Simon.