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UCC cloud and hybrid solutions for SMBs

Advanced capabilities to compete with large enterprises

May 18, 2020

UCC cloud and hybrid solutions for SMBs
With the lack of financial and IT resources presenting ongoing challenges, UCC cloud solutions have been a real boon to SMBs. Now small and midsize companies can enjoy many of the same communications and collaboration capabilities that used to be available only to larger enterprises.

UCC cloud solutions (UCaaS) offer SMBs three key advantages:

  • Easy deployment and management—Businesses can be up and running quickly without having to make changes to their hardware and software. Updates are automatic, with new capabilities and features introduced by the service provider.
  • Lower overall cost—A subscription-based pricing model allows companies to pay for only what they use and gives them the flexibility to scale up or down as the need arises. In addition with most cloud providers maintaining multiple data centers to minimize downtime, the cost of ensuring business continuity and redundancy is eliminated.
  • Minimal IT requirements—SMBs don’t have to make an upfront investment in technology and the personnel to implement it.
Why some SMBs are opting for hybrid cloud solutions
Hybrid cloud solutions, that draw services from both private (on-premise) and public clouds, are becoming more widespread in SMBs, especially in industries such as financial services and health care that must meet strict compliance and security guidelines. Hybrid cloud, while it gives companies greater control over critical assets, does involve upfront investment and ongoing IT maintenance, so it may not be a feasible option for small companies with limited resources.

The rewards of UCC cloud solutions
With an estimated 89 percent of SMBs now in the cloud, and a large proportion of them using UCaaS solutions, small and midsize companies are able to work remotely and communicate and collaborate from any location or device. With capabilities such as IM, desktop sharing and web and videoconferencing, employees can easily share information and brainstorm from disparate locations, solve customer issues and reduce time to market—all while improving their business’ bottom line.

If you have an SMB customer who’s looking for advanced UCC capabilities, UCaaS is a smart recommendation. To discuss the technology with a UCC expert, contact Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.