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UCC checklist: 10 questions to uncover customer needs

February 05, 2018

UCC checklist: 10 questions to uncover customer needs

UCC solutions are on the rise. According to one industry study, the global enterprise UCC market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 15% by 2022. It’s growth potential like this that has solution providers eager to get a piece of the action. However, before you approach your customers seeking an upsell opportunity, make sure you have these 10 probing questions committed to memory.

1. What type of communication do you think you need? Voice, video, chat?

Modern UCC solutions can give organizations the ability to reach new levels of communication. Chat communication can be escalated to voice, which can be escalated to videoconferencing. Virtual rooms can be created by department, job function or project to aid in collaboration.

2. How important is uptime? Is an outage ever acceptable?

While no customer wants downtime, some—such as call centers—simply can’t afford to have any. Others don’t mind an occasional blip that might force customers to reach them on their cell phones. If uptime is imperative, they might have to pay extra for redundancies. Additionally, SD-WAN might be something to consider.

3. Do you need desk phones?

In today’s changing business environment, not every company needs or even wants desk phones. Soft phones might be the way to go.

4. Do you need call center capabilities?

A call center will need multichannel contact routing across voice, chat, email, SMS and even social media. Additionally, integration with CRM is a must.

5. Do you want the ability to record calls and generate reports?

Often a missed feature, many organizations find value in the ability to record calls for training and documentation purposes. Additionally, the ability to generate reports of call volume and time is often highly coveted.

6. What integrations would help your business?

By understanding the business and processes of your customer, you can identify if integrations to such things as CRM or digital signage could be beneficial.

7. Do you have processes that could be automated?

If your customers have employees performing the same redudant communication tasks to the point that eliminating the task could result in significant cost savings, they are prime candidates for using business process automation tools as part of their UCC solution.

8. Do you have mobile workers?

Having incoming calls ring at a desk, on a laptop or through a users’ mobile phone is table stakes in UCC today, but you should still seek to understand how great this need might be for your customer.

9. Do you need advanced messaging features, such as voicemail transcription?

A value-added feature for many customers is the ability to save time by accessing automated transcriptions of voicemails. Such features could help win you the business.

10. Do you need conference room audio-video equipment?

Many organizations are using antiquated videoconferencing equipment. Don’t miss the opportunity to inquire about potential upgrades that will tie into a new UCC solution.

Bonus question: 11. Do you need help supporting this IT investment?

If an on-premises solution, ask the customer what level of support they might need in adminstering the system. The customer might be the perfect candidate for IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and other professional services than can create recurring revenue. if you’re an Ingram Micro customer, ask your sales representative about IaaS and installation support services available to you.