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UCaaS in the public sector

3 ways UCC as a service makes government and education more efficient and responsive

April 06, 2020

UCaaS in the public sector
Today, with the proliferation of UCaaS (unified communications as a service), even schools and government agencies with smaller budgets can get enterprise-level UCC capabilities that enable secure communications and more efficient operations.

State and local governments are leveraging the technology as a way to meet citizens’ demands for services despite declining budgets. K-12 schools and state colleges and universities are using UCaaS to improve instruction, expand learning opportunities and communicate more effectively with staff and parents.

Here are three ways UCaaS improves efficiencies in the public sector:

  • Virtual meetings, which can be set up immediately through instant chat messages or videoconferencing, offer a flexible alternative to face-to-face meetings, which may be impractical due to time constraints, cost or logistics.  Virtual meetings also facilitate distance learning and provide a convenient way for teachers and educators to conference with parents who are unable to attend in-person meetings.

  • Progressive collaboration, the ability for a simple two-way chat to expand into a multi-party collaboration session without disconnecting the original session, allows government agencies to engage citizens more directly. Government employees can determine the availability of other colleagues who can expedite a particular request from a constituent. Knowing where, when and how a required resource can be reached ensures citizens are quickly directed to the right staff and departments without needlessly being passed from one person to the next. Government agencies and schools become more responsive—a complaint, problem or request can be addressed immediately, efficiently and transparently.

  • With UCaaS, government agencies and academic institutions no longer have to be tied down by complex, costly and often outdated legacy systems. UCC as a service gives them a fully integrated unified communications solution that can be shared among departments. What’s more, relying on a hosted unified communication solution maintained by an outside service provider frees up IT staff to focus on more urgent or higher priority initiatives.
Although government and education budgets rise and fall depending on the economy, citizens’ demands for services are a constant. UCC as a service provides cost-effective and efficient tools to improve processes and quality of services—making public sector agencies more responsive.
To learn more about UCaaS—and the advantages it offers government and education customers—contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.