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Three of the Top Interactive Whiteboard Software Vendors

January 29, 2017

Three of the Top Interactive Whiteboard Software Vendors


Value-added resellers (VARs) have a big opportunity in the interactive whiteboard (IWB) market to make these solutions the digital focal point in corporate boardrooms. IWBs provide a hands-on experience for executives and teams, allowing them to collaborate in a completely different way from how they did in the past. With touch-screen technology, business software integration, and multi-user capabilities, these tools can enrich meetings and improve productivity in businesses in a big way. The global market for IWBs is expected to grow almost 16 percent CAGR by 2019, giving VARs a chance to win a piece of the pie. Three players to follow are SMART kapp, Dell, and InFocus, and the reasons are outlined as follows:

1. SMART kapp 

SMART kapp has several IWB offers, but the SMART kapp IQ Pro is a product that can be used by businesses in order to conduct meetings at a higher level. Employees can use their own devices remotely in order to write on the IWB, allowing everyone to contribute to the meeting or session. With the addition of SMART Bridgit software, which also supports voice and videoconferencing, presentations can be shared, captured, and saved in .pdf or .jpeg format. Notes can be emailed to participants, and different ink colors can help identify contributors. The 4K Ultra HD display is simple to use and can support up to 250 participants at one time. The SMART kapp IQ Pro integrates with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 and works with a variety of engineering design applications like Adobe Illustrator. With this, users can show the designs or illustrations that are saved to their PCs to team members on the IWB, making them easy to comment on, change, or redesign, thus helping reduce technical challenges.

2. Dell 

Dell offers the Interactive Projector S520 solution for businesses and classrooms. The package includes an 87-inch diagonal whiteboard and S520 interactive projector. HD video can be streamed wirelessly from almost any smartphone, tablet, or PC to the whiteboard. The projector comes with USB, RJ45, and HDMI ports in order to simplify integration with existing networks. Presentations can also be shown without a PC and can instead be shown using a flash drive, allowing the PC presentation to remain protected. Reciprocal actions with Window 8 gestures, charms, and apps give presenters a way to use the IWB in a professional manner. This, included with multi-touch capability, makes the Interactive Projector S520 a strong solution for business and classroom applications.

3. InFocus

The InFocus Mondopad IWB solution includes on-screen annotation, business-class videoconferencing (free for one year), and a multi-touch high-definition 1080p display that comes in 57, 70, or 80 inches. The 80-inch model, available the first quarter of 2016, comes with Gorilla Glass in order to provide an antiglare experience. The system includes a Windows PC that comes with Microsoft Home and Business and allows for resilience and simplified expansion. The Mondopad supports BYOD (“bring your own device”) connectivity so that users can share their screen. Whiteboard sessions, whether they are based on spreadsheets, presentations, videos, or Web pages, can be annotated, captured, and saved. Up to five people can write or draw on the screen at one time, and notes can be saved as an image and emailed to participants at the conclusion of a meeting. InFocus brand and third-party videoconferencing, speakerphones, and cameras can be added to the system for flexibility and investment protection. Applications for the Mondopad are business meetings and project management, classroom presentations and distance learning, software and Web demonstrations, and remote patient care.  

The IWB market is growing, and VARs should take advantage of that fact. Companies and educational facilities can use these solutions in order to improve productivity; enrich teaching and learning; and support remote locations, students, and workers. Now is the time to learn about IWB products and get a piece of the pie.

Does your company sell interactive whiteboard software solutions? Do you sell primarily to schools or businesses? Please comment below.