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The impact of 5G

How it will streamline and improve UCC in business

January 20, 2020

The impact of 5G
The UCC market has been evolving for the past decade, and UCC solutions have changed the way businesses work in many ways—not only enhancing communication and collaboration but also improving overall efficiency and cost savings.

The fifth generation (5G) cellular network will transform UCC even more dramatically, delivering a host of benefits:

  • Greater speed and reliability—A 5G environment is about 20 times faster than 4G, with 1,000 times more capacity.The higher bandwidth will move large amounts of data in shorter periods of time and support high-resolution videos and images. Not only will 5G decrease the time required to upload or download content, it will also play 4K videos without any buffering time. In addition, 5G will have the capacity to support multiple connections simultaneously without interruptions, while consuming relatively little battery power. It will also enable new and more powerful UCC tools that will speed up functions like workstream collaboration.

  • The ability to cut the cord from broadband and Wi-Fi connections—5G technology will make it easier for remote workers and road warriors to stay connected to and share content with coworkers and clients instantly via high-quality and seamless videoconferencing. And organizations will spend less time and money on infrastructure.
  • Support for VoIP for business and mobile VoIP—4G-supported VoIP lacked the architecture to prioritize packets, which resulted in increased latencies as well as skipping, stuttering and call drops. 5G, on the other hand, offers effective packet prioritization and has the network speeds and reduced latency that should increase the adoption of VoIP technology and broaden its reach. 5G will also provide sufficient connectivity to optimize mobile VoIP usage. The higher upload and download speeds will ensure a more reliable connection with improved call quality and lower call drops.
The impact on UCaaS
End users today demanding a simpler and more seamless experience for all of their communications—audio, video and chat—anywhere they happen to be. To meet this demand, companies are looking for an integrated approach to deployment and management from a single provider they can trust to help manage all of their UCC needs. With the advent of 5G, they’ll be able to consolidate remote connectivity tools on a single UCaaS platform.

In short, 5G technology will simplify, speed up and supercharge UCC moving forward—and businesses will be a lot more efficient as a result.

If you’d like to discuss 5G and its impact on UCC in greater detail, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon.