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The critical link between CX and EX

July 28, 2021

The critical link between CX and EX
So much is said and written about the importance of leveraging technology to improve the customer experience. After all, happy customers are repeat customers and offer the opportunity to upsell. However, the pandemic has taught us that there's another group whose experience is equally, if not more, critical to the success of a business—an organization's employees.
So who's been focusing on improving the employee experience?

Whether they're taking orders over the telephone, interacting face to face or via chat, employees deliver the experience to customers. If employees don't have the technology necessary to do their jobs efficiently, their ability to provide exemplary service will suffer, resulting in a poor customer experience.

Improving the employee experience
With so much technology and related services already dedicated to improving the customer experience, it makes sense that organizations are now seeking to improve the employee experience. The pandemic underscored this need. With most organizations sending employees home to work remotely, gaps in required technology were uncovered. If workers weren't quickly given the tools needed to operate remotely, their experience suffered and made it more challenging to deliver positive customer experiences.

The concept of improving the employee experience can feel a little vague to some. How can this be measured? What tools are needed? The answer is a workforce engagement management (WEM) solution. WEM solutions, such as the one available from Genesys, take proven contact center principles and make it easy to create great employee experiences while simplifying operations and increasing efficiency.

Features of the Genesys solution include:


  • Employee performance management—gives employees a portal for training, engagement activities, recognition and more.
  • Workforce forecasting and scheduling—ensures staffing levels meet customer needs. Can use AI to create effective schedules automatically.
  • Quality assurance and monitoring—archives interactions across all channels and gives employees insights into trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Gamification—helps employees meet objectives through scorecards and leaderboards.
  • Long-term workforce planning—organizations can make the most of their budget by relying on the long-term planning tools of the software.
  • Speech and text analytics—transcriptions can be analyzed in real time for sentiment analysis and topic spotting, giving employees valuable insights into customer trends.

Solutions like the one above will become more prevalent as organizations recognize their employees' critical role in creating a positive customer experience. Including WEM solutions in your UCC offering will better position your customers for success. For more information on WEM, UCC and improving the employee experience, contact Chad Simon, Ingram Micro's UCC expert. 
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