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The Advantages of Video Conferencing For Better Solutions

April 06, 2017

The Advantages of Video Conferencing For Better Solutions

Outstanding communication is one of the cornerstones of a successful business. If communication is strong, an enterprise can increase productivity, save time and beat its competition to the finish line. If communication is weak, not clear or is misinterpreted, a company will likely lose out to its competition. Communication in an organization takes place in many forms, such as phone calls, audio-conferencing, instant messaging and emails. Apart from often costly face-to-face meetings, real-time video conferencing is the most advantageous way to interact. In turn, resellers who sell to enterprises using a total solution concept by showing the benefits of a properly designed video conferencing platform integrated with other communication and collaboration tools will be successful as well.  Here are some examples of how to explain this to customers:

  • Matt, a manager, is working on a team with Irene and Sarah on a time-sensitive project. Matt sends an email to his team members to let them know that part of the information they had provided was incomplete and to please research the issue and respond as soon as possible. Irene responds to her teammates with a lengthy email apologizing to everyone for not providing the material required, all the while worrying about whether or not this will affect her job. Sarah sends an instant message to both to say she is on it and asking for a time frame. As a result, several emails and instant messages are shared within the team with negative time and productivity effects on the project. If this team had set up a short video conference to discuss the assignment there would have been a lot more clarity and a lot less time wasted. Irene wouldn’t be worried about whether her job is in jeopardy because she could have interpreted Matt’s body language and non-verbal signals to know that Matt was simply concerned about the timing of the project but was not upset with his coworkers. Body language issues can arise with phone calls and audio conferences as well. According to Rescue Time, emails eat up approximately 1.5 days out of a five-day work week or about 28 percent of the work day. This is primarily because workers must read and respond to a message and often it takes more than one round of emails to resolve an issue. Time is one thing that cannot be regained, so ensuring a business is using tools that simplify and clarify communication is invaluable.

  • Video conferencing as part of a total unified communications solution can also save time, automate tasks and increase yield. Ensure that customers understand that video conferencing can be integrated with email and calendaring applications. Meeting notifications can be sent automatically to attendees to remind them of the meeting. Document sharing can be enabled on video calls so everyone can see and discuss the project at hand. Video conferencing integration can simplify interactions within a business making collaboration easier and more cost-effective.

  • In addition to unified communications applications, it is important for enterprises to plan for a total solution that provides a system for management, performance and control. This includes a platform that facilitates management of the solution, firewall traversal and network control. Once that system is in place, companies can use Multipoint Control Units (MCUs) to connect multiple sites and gateways for seamless communication. Installing the right infrastructure is the key to a successful deployment.

Video conferencing can be a big part of a better solution for enterprise customers. Resellers who make the case for the benefits of video as a part of enterprise unified communications will be able to earn revenue from infrastructure products as well.

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