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Seven Ways to Demonstrate Whiteboard Collaboration during the Sales Process

October 08, 2017

Seven Ways to Demonstrate Whiteboard Collaboration during the Sales Process

One of the best ways for value-added resellers (VARs) to sell something is to show it in action while relating the benefits back to the client at the same time. This is certainly true when it comes to interactive whiteboard collaboration, for either business or the classroom. Some ideas on how to demonstrate the collaboration benefits of this valuable tool to potential clients are:

  1. Show business clients how easy it is to open documents, videos, websites, or multimedia interactive whiteboards so everyone can view resources as they analyze and discuss them, even across a distance. Instead of necessarily using individual screens in order to see these things, everyone can view the information at once in a large format. 
  2. Demonstrate how simple it is to switch from writing digital notes to viewing other applications with one touch. Show how this can make collaboration productive, efficient, and timely.
  3. Have some team members in other locations connect by viewing and working on documents simultaneously. Show how simple it is to set up a conference call in order to include everyone in the process. Write notes and mark up documents in your meeting room and have team members in other locations see what you wrote and respond instantly. Show how users can run meetings that feature seamless communication, clarity, and efficiency, reducing the chances of project delays while saving on costs and streamlining projects.
  4. Demonstrate how easily and quickly notes or marked-up documents can be saved and e-mailed to team members in order to facilitate collaboration and increase team productivity. Team members can become distracted in a room full of people with individual ideas and objectives. Show how an interactive whiteboard can be used in order to capture key thoughts and guide conversation. Show how teams can share complex information in an interactive way.
  5. For school applications, demonstrate how easy it is to download and use Google Maps in order to pick out a place in the world that students want to explore and then open a browser in order to find out more. Show how easy it is to take a class on a photo safari to Africa, complete with embedded videos, animal sounds, and mapping software.
  6. Show how handheld voting devices allow students to enter their responses to questions. The percentage of students providing the correct answer is then immediately displayed on the board in a bar graph or pie chart. Educate the administration on the fact that voting devices are associated with a 26-percentile-point gain in student achievement.
  7. Exhibit applications that teachers can use to signal that an answer is correct or to present information in an unusual context. These applications include dragging and dropping correct answers into specific locations, acknowledging correct answers with virtual applause, and uncovering information hidden under objects. These practices were associated with a 31-percentile-point gain in student achievement.

Collaboration today goes beyond four walls and a flip chart. It involves teamwork; sharing multimedia resources; and including colleagues, students, or clients around the world. It is a valuable tool in both business and educational settings. When schools or businesses use interactive whiteboard solutions, classrooms and teams are equipped to share resources, analyze ideas, and record findings together. Developing new ideas and innovating are visual, interactive experiences for students and workers, and VARs can show how this can be accomplished with simple demonstrations.

Does your business have standard interactive whiteboard demos ready to show schools or businesses? Please feel free to share your ideas below.