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Selling UCC just got easier (for some solution providers)

November 22, 2022

Selling UCC just got easier (for some solution providers)

While the pandemic has profoundly influenced most technology and digital transformation strategies, one of the most impacted areas is UCC. For example, before the pandemic, approximately 10% of contact centers used cloud contact center as a service (CCaaS) solutions. Now, according to Gartner’s latest research, CCaaS is projected to reach 50% adoption this year, driven by the desire to improve customer experience (CX) among users who are in the office, at home or working a hybrid model. However, call center technology isn’t the only one experiencing a boom. Collaboration tools, conference room technology and other communications solutions are in high demand. For these reasons, solution providers of all types would be wise to consider UCC (especially CCaaS) for their customers.

Unfortunately, not every solution provider has the time, on-staff expertise or other resources to dive into potential opportunities. Recognizing the opportunities and challenges facing solution providers, Ingram Micro has a variety of UCC partner programs that meet solution providers at their desired level of engagement. Here are a few examples:

Referral Model

If you’re happy to dabble in UCC or CCaaS revenue without taking any technical or support responsibilities, the Referral Model allows you to register the opportunity in Ingram Micro’s cloud portal. From there, the vendor of your choice takes on the responsibility of designing, implementing and supporting the solution. As a result, you will benefit from monthly recurring revenue or a one-time commission while still adding value as a trusted advisor to your customer.

Hybrid/White Label Model

This model allows you to maintain your role as a solution and delivery advisor, carrying the paper and providing a single point of contact for your customer. However, an Ingram Micro-certified delivery expert will perform the actual work. The white-labeled result is scalability and higher profitability with the ability to realize margin on licensing, licensing renewals and reselling services with your badge.

Certified Service Partner Model

This is the model for you if you want complete control over every aspect of your UCC offering. While you’ll need internal capabilities and certifications to take on full responsibility for sales, implementation and support, you can collect lucrative service revenue with margins sometimes more than 50% of the labor cost.

Regardless of your desired level of engagement or capabilities, Ingram Micro has a partnership model that will allow you to take advantage of several high-growth, high-margin UCC opportunities.

  • For contact center/customer experience platforms from the top vendor in the business, please contact Thomas.Kirbis@ingrammicro.com
  • For conference room and collaboration spaces using the world’s premium platform, please contact Paul.Barnas@ingrammicro.com
  • For UCaaS referral and resale programs leveraging the leading VOIP brands in the marketplace, please contact UCaaS@ingrammicro.com