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Santa’s big helper: How UCC streamlines holiday shopping and improves the customer experience

November 16, 2020

Santa’s big helper: How UCC streamlines holiday shopping and improves the customer experience
It’s that time of year again. The gift-giving season is upon us, but it will definitely feel different this year with a substantial reduction in in-store shopping and more reliance on e-commerce.
No matter how consumers decide to purchase gifts this year, here’s how UCC technology will improve the shopping experience for everyone this holiday season.
  1. Better tracking of package deliveries–If a customer is waiting for a special purchase to be delivered, UCC can help track its whereabouts with real-time maps displaying driver locations as well as offer photo proof of package delivery.
  2. Improving customer engagement and facilitating store promotions–Today’s mobile devices come equipped with a variety of communication tools, including audio conferencing, email, instant messaging and more. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, retailers are now using smartphones as promotional tools to showcase their products, sales and in-store events, as well as special offers for their most valuable customers. Retailers like Gap have apps that enable mobile concierge services. When customers walk into a store that’s Wi-Fi enabled, they receive customized information tailored to their buying habits. If an individual frequently buys blue shirts, for example, the app might offer a coupon offering 30% off a blue shirt.
  3. Creating a built-in connection between call center and brick-and-mortar locations to improve the caller’s experience–When customers call a local store, they can be automatically and seamlessly routed to a call center agent who can answer routine questions about inventory, product features and store policies. If necessary, thanks to intelligent routing, the call can then be routed to the sales agent with the right expertise to address the customer’s concern. Problems are solved more quickly with greater caller satisfaction.
  4. Improving in-store communication and collaboration among employees– With UCC tools like videoconferencing and instant messaging, team members can converse at any time, to share information on pricing, inventory levels and other factors that can impact store sales. If a store in one market sees strong consumer demand for a particular product, for example, the staff can open a chat to discuss it with a buyer at the company headquarters.
To learn more about UCC solutions for your retail and e-tail customers and how Ingram Micro can help you implement them, contact our UCC team at UCCinfo@ingrammicro.com and visit https://imaginenext.ingrammicro.com/ucc.