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Retail re-energized

4 ways UCC improves in-store operations and the shopping experience

December 02, 2019

Retail re-energized

The holiday shopping season is well underway, with stores brimming with holiday merchandise and frantic shoppers.

Wherever you shop, chances are that UCC technology is having an impact on the retail industry. Here are 4 ways UCC is being successful integrated into the store environment, improving operations and the shopping experience.

  1. Better communication and collaboration leads to smarter decision-making. With UCC tools like videoconferencing and instant messaging, team members can converse at any time, to share information on pricing, inventory levels and other factors that can impact store sales.  If a store in one market sees strong consumer demand for a particular product, for example, the staff can open a chat to discuss it with a buyer at the company headquarters. 

    In the retail fashion industry, early feedback can make or break a new line. With UCC, fashion designers can share prototypes with buyers and colleagues in other markets to get immediate feedback. And with CRM integrated into UCC solution, retailers can solicit input from their customers to get a better sense of what’s trending and what’s going out of style.
  2. UCC allows innovative retailers to improve their fitting rooms. Ask any retailer and they’ll agree: When shoppers need to try on clothes before deciding to buy, the chance of losing the sale increases significantly. If customers don’t grab the right size from the start, they may end up not buying the product altogether.  To reduce the chances of this happening, some forward-thinking retailers are integrating VoIP and RFID scanners to connect shoppers with attendants. That way, when something doesn’t fit, store employees can grab a different size and even provide other color options. They can also do some upselling, including some accessories or other clothing items to compliment the item.

  3. Mobile facilitates store promotions. Today’s mobile devices come equipped with lots of communication tools, including audio conferencing, email, messaging and more. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, retailers are now using smartphones as promotional tools to showcase their products, sales and in-store events, as well special offers for their most valuable customers.
  4. Integrated UCC tools create a built-in connection between call center and brick-and-mortar locations to improve the caller’s experience. When customers call a local store, they can be automatically and seamlessly routed to a call center agent who can answer routine questions about inventory, product features and store policies. If necessary, thanks to intelligent routing, the call can then be routed to the sales agent with the right expertise to address the customer’s concern. Problem issues are solved more quickly with greater caller satisfaction.
At a time when shoppers have more buying options than ever, customer service can make or break a retailer’s success. And UCC can go a long way toward helping to improve it.
If you’d like to discuss how UCC solutions can help your retail customers, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.