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Retail makes the transition to omnichannel

The critical role of UCC

July 20, 2020

Retail makes the transition to omnichannel
While all businesses have been impacted in some way over the past several months, brick-and-mortar retailers have been particularly affected, given the sudden and drastic changes in consumers’ shopping habits. A Digital Commerce 360 survey conducted in April among 107 retailers found that 36% have adjusted their marketplace strategy, placing a greater emphasis on online e-commerce.
As brick-and-mortar retailers move to an omnichannel approach, reliance on UCC technology is key. To quote Todd Carothers in an article entitled Why Retailers Need to Open Their Doors to Unified Communications: “To realize their omnichannel potential and deliver a seamless and consistent experience for all of their customers, retailers need to fuse together their communications investments onto a single platform. Whether a customer is choosing to shop in-store, on a desktop computer or via their smartphone app, UCC is the conduit for making their journey consistent and intuitive.”
First and foremost, any retailer planning to sell online needs to have a robust and reliable unified communications platform that allows them to connect with customers
in a variety of ways—via chat, text, videoconferencing, email and more—so interactive dialogues can take place in real time anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Using UCC to improve the online shopping experience
Those companies that want to ensure quality and proactive customer service may also want to consider investing in a robust contact center application. This will enable them to instantly be alerted when a customer complains about a product, service or shopping experience on social media and take immediate action to rectify the situation. Armed with pertinent information such as the actual social media post, the customer’s purchasing history and information about the product or service purchase, a contact center agent can immediately reach out to address the situation via the customer’s preferred communication channel. If the problem is a technical issue, the retailer can proactively connect the customer with a technician who can handle it directly.
A sophisticated contact center application also allows retailers to take proactive measures to reward customers and upsell. For example, they can automatically send text messages to customers on their birthday or anniversary, embedded with product suggestions and special promotions based on their past purchase history or personal profile.
Making the transition to omnichannel
If your retail customers haven’t built a robust online capability yet, there’s certainly never been a better time. To learn more about helping them make the transition—and seamlessly integrate the in-store and online shopping experience—talk to our UCC expert, Chad Simon, at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.