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Quit saying "no" to videoconferencing projects

September 17, 2018

Quit saying

We’ve all been in the situation where a client asks us if we can help them with a problem that would require technology or skills outside our core competency. We’re then forced to either pass up on what could be a nice opportunity because we don’t have the expertise or to risk taking the business on and winging it.

In the UCC world, more often than not these opportunities arise in conference room projects that would require you to tackle things like projectors, video walls, microphones, speakers, codecs and more. If you’ve been saying “no” to these videoconferencing opportunities, it’s time to stop. First, you’ll find that the skills needed to succeed with conference pro AV projects aren’t beyond your limits. Additionally, plenty of potential partners can help you win and fulfill the business.

UCC pros are well-positioned for conference room projects

As a UCC professional, the unique approach you bring to a conference room install is your appreciation and focus on collaboration. While many of your pro AV contemporaries will concentrate on the communications aspects of the project, you can add value to your solutions by integrating the conference room with the rest of the company’s UCC. This will give employees the ability to access critical information, communicate more effectively and be more efficient.

As you know, each customer—depending on their market—will have their own set of challenges when it comes to communication and collaboration in the conference room. For example, an architecture firm might have to fly people in to collaborate in person because the size of the files they’re using are very large. Integrating UCC with the videoconferencing solution is an easy solution to this problem and can save time and money.

Every conference room you touch has the opportunity to be one of your more elegant implementations of UCC, leveraging audio, video, chat and collaboration tools to address the most pressing issues facing your customers. Make sure you ask your customers what problems they face concerning collaboration. Many of your competitors won’t ask this question.

Avoid common mistakes

Displays, projectors, microphones and audio are things you’ll take to quite naturally. Where you could potentially go wrong is not accounting for environmental factors of the room. For example, the effectiveness of a display or projector screen can be negatively impacted by the location of the sun at any given time of day—or season of the year. Additionally, the size of room and construction materials used could negatively impact microphone effectiveness and quality of audio.

To ensure you don’t overlook these potential obstacles to success, we encourage you to contact Ingram Micro’s Design Services team. This resource has pro AV experts who can give you whatever level of assistance you need as you ramp up your conference room AV business. To get started, contact Curt Vurpillat or Chad Simon.