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Mobile dispatch and calendaring in field service industries

May 04, 2020

Mobile dispatch and calendaring in field service industries
One of the most important benefits of UCC technology is the ability to deliver a more satisfying experience for both customers and employees.
Take field service businesses, for example, that need to manage installation, service and repairs of systems or equipment, delivered by mobile employees who rarely clock in and out around normal business hours. Companies like these truly benefit from UCC applications like mobile dispatch and calendaring that make it easier for everyone—employees in the field as well as the customers waiting for them—to stay updated on service schedules and delays. Keeping everyone informed goes a long way toward improving overall satisfaction.
The benefits of mobile dispatch
  • Customer notification—provide up-to-date information on where service technicians are in the field and when they’ll be arriving, and send automated emails the day before to remind customers about their service appointments
  • Dispatch on the gocreate work orders and dispatches to technicians from a smartphone or tablet, and adjust schedules if a job is running longer than expected or a customer or technician has to cancel last minute due to illness or emergency
  • Time tracking—create detailed logs as techs update their status throughout the day (including traveling, working and idle time) and automatically update job status
The benefits of calendaring
Capabilities like these are particularly beneficial to small business owners like plumbers, electricians and computer technicians who are often in the field doing service work themselves while still managing other employees. They can literally run day-to-day business operations from a smartphone or tablet while maintaining the quality of customer experience that’s critical to their long-term viability and success.
  • Personal, group and resource scheduling—maintain a calendar and address book with a list of contacts and information to enable users to communicate with their contacts, view other employees’ calendars, create meeting requests, share availability, manage scheduling conflicts and send appointment reminders

Mobile dispatch and calendaring are also a boon to companies like florists, moving companies and small grocers that live and die by scheduling and customer expectations.

If you have SMB customers you think would benefit from capabilities like these, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com to learn more.