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Making call recording more accessible for SMBs

How Ingram Micro is lowering the entry point for voice technology

March 23, 2020

Making call recording more accessible for SMBs
Most businesses today—companies of all sizes—are employing some type of UCC technology. But some UCC technology is more involved than others. Take enterprise-level call recording, which requires a specific type of storage to deliver the speed of call retrieval that users demand.
At a time when ensuring a positive customer experience is key to success, call recording has become a critical function for call centers. But it can help businesses in other ways, too. Companies are using call recording to ensure regulatory compliance and quality assurance and to facilitate employee training. Product development and marketing teams can benefit, as well, gaining insights to build customer personas and make product improvements.
Ingram Micro lowers the entry point for call recording
In the past, call recording was limited to large enterprises that could afford the feature and the hardware required to record, manage and store recordings. But cloud services now make it feasible for SMBs as well. And Ingram Micro now offers a platform to enable it.
In January, Ingram Micro entered into an agreement with Red Box to distribute its industry-leading voice platform. Red Box’s open platform can be deployed in cloud, hybrid or on-premise environments. Its call recording capabilities can capture and secure millions of calls per day.
"The Red Box platform is a smart addition to our unified communications portfolio,” said Stephen Yochum, Ingram Micro’s director and general manager of Unified Communications and Collaboration. “It provides the technology to identify, capture and access rich and quality voice data that can yield hugely valuable insights for CX improvement, sales, product and marketing organization strategies and more.”
By adding the Red Box platform to our unified communications portfolio and working with Red Hat to provide resellers with the insights and resources to help their customers implement them, Ingram Micro is making capabilities like call recording more accessible for companies of all sizes. So your SMB customers can enjoy the same functionality as their much larger competitors.
To learn more about call recording and the Red Box voice platform, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon at chad.simon@ingrammicro.com.