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It’s not just for the big guys any more

January 21, 2019

It’s not just for the big guys any more
Any organization can now reap the benefits of enterprise-level collaboration
A recent report projects the global videoconferencing market will rise at a CAGR of about 8% through 2026, at which time it will reach $10.5 billion. More and more organizations are looking to ensure the ready availability of videoconferencing and collaboration services—without maintaining a technical team in-house to support these functions. The rapid increase in demand for UCC technology is certainly not surprising, given that so many workers are now telecommuting full- or part-time—and pretty much every company these days is looking to manage costs and maximize productivity.
Here’s some technology that now makes it possible for businesses of any size to reap the benefits of enterprise-level collaboration.
  • Web conferencing software—A variety of vendors now offer versatile web conferencing and collaboration platforms that work on a broad range of devices, offering employees the ability to conduct a meeting with just the click of a button. Some of the most popular titles include Cisco Webex Meetings, ClickMeeting, Join.me, RingCentral Office and Zoho Meeting, to name just a few. Deciding which software platform is best for their particular needs will require customers to look at a variety of factors, including capacity, specific features/functionality and price. But with so many titles to choose from, SMBs and enterprises alike are sure to find one that meets their requirements and budget.
  • Wireless collaboration solutions—As workforces become more mobile, wireless devices are becoming the new primary workhorses. And UCC technology vendors are responding accordingly. Cisco Jabber, for example, allows users to collaborate anywhere via their smartphones and tablets. And wireless display and presentation solutions from vendors like Barco, Mersive and ScreenBeam enable PCs, tablets and smartphones to connect to conference room displays and projectors without the need for AV cables and HDMI or VGA adapters.
  • Plug-and-play next-generation digital signal processors (DSPs)—This technology is adding an exciting new dimension to enterprise collaboration. At the heart of products such as smartphones, pagers, digital cameras, and video and audio equipment, DSPs are specialized semiconductor chips that digitize and mathematically manipulate voice, audio and video signals to enable high-speed and top-quality long distance conferencing and audio distribution in multiple conference rooms.
  • Cloud-based team collaboration solutions—Many organizations now rely on cloud-based platforms like Google Apps for Business, Huddle or Citrix ShareFile for functions such as file sharing and management, content collaboration, enterprise social networking and more. Since applications are in the cloud, they’re instantly accessible from any browser or mobile device 24/7.
With UCC technology priced more affordably than ever—and new features and functionality being added all the time—any organization can now reap the benefits of enterprise-wide collaboration. And as your customers’ trusted technology advisor, your input will be critical in helping them find just the right solution for their needs. To help you assist them, get the latest on advanced collaboration solutions by contacting Curt Vurpillat.