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IoT and its far-reaching impact on UCC

July 09, 2019

IoT and its far-reaching impact on UCC
The Internet of Things (IoT) market is blazing right now. Bain predicts it will grow to about $520 billion by 2021, more than double the $235 billion spent in 2017. It’s also having a far-reaching impact on communication and collaboration in various industries.

IoT integration with videoconferencing offers new capabilities
IoT and AI-enabled devices now make it possible to use voice-activated commands to look up information so users don’t have to stop a videoconference to do on-the-spot research. IoT also allows users to connect all sorts of other collaborative tools and devices to make the meeting more efficient and productive—and to recognize when the individual who scheduled the videoconference is in the room (via NFC, the Wi-Fi location or gating) and automatically start the meeting.

IoT makes UCC “smarter”
IoT sensors can be integrated with UCC systems to send alerts based on sensor data to team members via mobile devices, giving them actionable intelligence they can use in a variety of ways:
  • In hospitals, clinics and senior care facilities, doctors, nurses and administrators receive warnings when patients with dementia or other critical illnesses leave their beds unexpectedly or when their vital signs take a critical turn—so they can take the necessary measures to avert an accident or crisis.
  • Sensors placed throughout smart buildings capture a variety of data about room occupancy and indoor temperatures as well as valuable details about the fan speeds, vibration and flow rates, and compressor run times of critical HVAC assets. Facilities teams are then alerted to take proactive measures against temperature and air quality fluctuations that can affect tenant productivity and comfort.
  • In retail, employees on showroom floors and in warehouses can receive updates through UCC systems when shelves are out of stock on particular items.
  • On factory floors, a communications and collaboration workspace, created with tools such as Cisco Spark Room, provides staff with the daily updates they need to do their jobs—which is significantly easier and more efficient than gathering the information manually. 

  • IoT and UCC are improving the service industry, as well. Itinerant technicians equipped with devices connected to a cloud network can send information back to headquarters so they can get the necessary information or support resources to fix or troubleshoot a particular problem.
In every industry, from healthcare to retail to manufacturing, IoT and UCC are changing the rules on how teams communicate and collaborate—creating new efficiencies and possibilities. To learn what this can mean for your customers, contact our UCC expert, Chad Simon. And to see the variety of IoT solutions and resources Ingram Micro has to offer, visit https://iot.ingrammicro.com/marketplace/solutions.