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Interactive flat panel displays in the classroom

April 17, 2019

Interactive flat panel displays in the classroom
In a global survey of educators, more than 75% of the respondents said that technology and collaborative learning improve students’ social and emotional skill development. They also said that student success is 3.4 times more likely when collaborative learning practices and technology are used together frequently in the classroom. Given these insights and the fact that many students seem to learn better visually and kinesthetically, it’s not surprising that so many classrooms are incorporating interactive flat panel display (IFPD) technology into the curriculum.
In K–12 and higher education, IFPD technology is transforming the learning experience by:
  • Fostering collaborative learning and peer communications
  • Making lessons more engaging and fostering creativity
  • Facilitating distance learning
  • Providing opportunities for more personalized instruction that accommodates different students’ learning styles
  • Incorporating the analytics component to allow teachers to track students’ levels of engagement and attention—and in turn enhance and revise content
The right IFPD for your customer
There are several brands on the market, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Your education customers will have to consider several variables when making their purchasing decisions—including price, functionality and learning environment, to name a few. To help you advise them, we’ve prepared an infographic that highlights some of the leading IFPDs and how they compare. Download it now and use it as a handy reference.