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Infographic: Put pizzazz in your line card with interactive flat panels

December 18, 2017

If you weren’t paying close attention, recent advancements in the interactive display industry have created a new sales opportunity for many solution providers. Interactive flat panels (IFPs) are winning market share from interactive whiteboards that gained popularity in the education vertical. Thanks to a lower TCO related to maintenance, higher video resolution, being unaffected by shadows and ambient lighting, multipoint touch controls and more connectivity options, IFPs are taking the industry by storm.

However, while whiteboards never really gained popularity outside the classroom, IFPs are finding a home in the enterprise. Thanks to ease of use, lowered cost and increased capabilities, conference rooms in all verticals are ideal candidates for IFPs.

Still not sure if IFPs should be on your line card? Check out our infographic below that identifies 6 reasons why you should sell interactive flat panels today.

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