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Hybrid UCC and the customer experience

A look back at the UCC session at the 2020 Ingram Micro ONE Experience

November 09, 2020

Hybrid UCC and the customer experience
Ingram Micro ONE is always one of the most important IT events of any calendar year. But the 2020 Ingram Micro ONE Experience was unique in many ways. First of all, the virtual format not only addressed the challenges of the moment, but it also allowed partners and associates around the world to participate, with different regions having their own unique agendas. Another highlight included musical acts from all over the globe.
UCC had a major presence as well. The theme of this year’s UCC session was the customer experience with a breakout session on day 1 entitled “UCC/UCaaS—Enhanced Workforce Optimization with Hybrid UCC.” Two Ingram Micro executives—Steve Yochum, director of Sales and general manager, UCC, and Craig Weir, director of Sales, Cloud—explained how a hybrid UCC solution, drawing from both on-premise infrastructure and cloud resources, delivers the best UCC customer experience right now.
The breakout session focused on the four key areas that hybrid UCC can deliver on: 
  • solution enablement
  • device management
  • partner development
  • digital transformation
 Why hybrid UCC makes sense
A hybrid approach allows gradual movement to the cloud at a pace that best suits a customer’s needs while allowing them to make use of their on-premise infrastructure and get return on their existing technology investment. Access to cloud resources (UCaaS) gives them the ability to scale as their UCC needs grow without having to invest in additional infrastructure, which can prove costly over the long run. The result: greater functionality and cost efficiency.

The hybrid approach is growing in popularity. According to statistics issued by Grand View Market Analysis, the UCaaS market is increasing at a rate of 15.8% annually. And Ingram Micro is committed to supporting our reseller partners and their customers with their hybrid UCC implementations with a comprehensive line card that encompasses cloud and core solutions.

At Ingram Micro, we view cloud not just as a single technology but also as an unconditional platform to run and drive a whole new way of doing business. Our portfolio includes strategic vendor relationships, not just in cloud or UCC, but inclusive of security, business applications, cloud management services and infrastructure solutions—all designed to keep you profitable while managing the entire lifecycle of cloud and digital services, infrastructure and IoT subscriptions.

To learn more about hybrid UCC and how Ingram Micro can help you implement it, contact our UCC team at UCCinfo@ingrammicro.com and download our playbook.